Owning a Privilège is truly something special....a pure and unashamed statement of absolute luxury and elegance. 

There are catamarans, and then there is Privilège.

The Privilège shipyard is dedicated to the design and manufacture of individually tailored, luxury, Bluewater catamarans. Every new Privilège is a joint venture between the shipyard and the owner giving a true semi-custom experience. 


Privilège Signature 510

The new Privilège Signature 510 has a striking design, with elegant flush hatches and enlarged deckhouse windows for 360-degree views. It features the largest owner’s cabin in its class, set between the hulls ahead of the deckhouse and with a private companionway from the saloon. The new Privilège Signature 510 bluewater sailing catamaran is designed for long-distance cruising and promises the perfect blend of luxury and seaworthiness.

Privilège Signature 580

Striking design, strong performance and a saloon that will leave you breathless. The Privilège Signature 580 not only incorporates the genes of Privilège but enhances them with sailing performance and a grandeur never seen before in this size. The Privilège Signature 580 is the first catamaran in its size that allows direct access to the owners cabin from the forward cockpit. Every detail has been taken care of, leading to a maximum of comfort while enabling outstanding performance.

Absolute Luxury

With a limitless palette of interior and exterior finishes, a Privilege becomes something truly unique to you.

From the first lines on the drawing board of designer Marc Lombard to the final coat of wax on the hulls, every Privilege is built by hand with passion by master craftsman.

As soon as you step on board a Privilege, you will feel it is something special... 


Style and functionality, perfectly crafted. This is the fundamental principle of every Privilege.

No matter how you envisage your time on the water, the design and layout of every Privilege can be tailored to your needs.

Socialising space or pure escapism - whatever your dream, let us craft it for you.