In every detail you can feel that Moody has years of experience - not only at the shipyard but at sea as well.

stylish yachts combining over 200 years of Moody yachting tradition

The choice of a Deck Saloon or Aft Cockpit yacht is very much a matter of personal taste, something we are happy to bear in mind. In matters of safety, seaworthiness, living space, sailing performance, style and elegance we make no compromise. Of course, dignified luxury is also part of every Moody.

At the helm of a Moody Deck Saloon you will enjoy the generous concept of modern life at one level from the cockpit to the cabin. A Moody Aft Cockpit, on the other hand, offers you all the appeal of a classically stylish yacht.


'one level living'

The Moody Deck Saloon ‘one level living’ concept takes a unique approach to modern yacht design. Simply open the sliding doors and enjoy a panoramic view to the living area and spacious cockpit, all on the same level. The large protected cockpit with the open deck aft is ideal for spending time with family and friends. Welcome aboard. 

designed to explore

Guaranteed to turn heads at sea and in port thanks to the striking combination of classic curves and modern features which sets it apart from the rest.

Whether you are bay hopping in the Scottish Isles, the Caribbean or crossing any of the world's oceans you will find the right Moody for you as exploring in safety and comfort is at the heart of every Moody.

From the modern but traditional design of the 41 Aft Cockpit through to the Deck Saloon range, offering unparalleled single level living along with protection from the elements, explore Moody for yourself...