In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different…

Fjord Motor Yachts are not for those who wish to blend in or follow the crowds. 

They are designed for those seeking something different, something unique. Beautiful, modern lines that hint at the power and performance of what lies beneath never fail to stir something in you. Yet behind all the style is a level of practicality that no other builder can deliver.

It only takes a few minutes on board to discover what you have been missing all this time...

Unique Design

A Fjord is something special that stands out from every other boat in the marina.

With aggressive, clean lines that remain timelessly stylish, you will find a Fjord turns heads wherever she goes.

Relax & Enjoy

Time on board a Fjord is designed to be as relaxing as possible - single level decks, walkaround cockpits and clever design touches all combine to create your personal island of escapism.